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About Us

We are a multi-national esports organization founded on the premise of bringing a whole new wave of esports professionals to the industry. Founded back in October of 2018, Broken eSports’ first tournament was CWL Vegas. Since then, Broken eSports has been able to achieve new heights as we strive to increase our stature and community through tournaments and content creation in a variety of games and activities.

River -
Sponsorship Acquisition Manager

River is our sponsorship acquisition manager. Avid player of Rocket league and Formula 1. Got into Esports watching Call of Duty.

Cameron -
Esports Advisor

Cameron Gericke is an avid esports fan from the Chicagoland area. His all time favorite game is Call of Duty and it is also what got him into esports back in 2012. Other than gaming, he loves to play Baseball, Soccer and Hockey

Muddy -
General Manager

Drew has been an avid gamer his entire life, starting from the time when he received a Nintendo 64 for Christmas when he was 5 years old. He found a passion for esports through Call of Duty and this passion quickly transitioned into other esports titles. After graduating from Southern Methodist University with a BBA, Drew knew he wanted to pursue a career in esports and he would love to make this his full-time job. When he is not working or gaming, he also loves fishing and watching his favorite sports teams.

Ambassador - Owner

Chase is the founder and owner of Broken eSports. His passion for Video Games came from watching esports, participating in tournaments and his overall love of gaming. Active since August of 2018, Chase has been striving with the members of Team Broken to rise up and show the esports community that there is another team coming for the next championship title.

Monarch - Owner

Christian is an owner of Broken eSports since October 2018. Christian's expertise in Marketing, Finance, and Contracting has enabled Broken eSports to truly start reaching its potential. Christian's background in video games is that for the love of the game and the experience it provides. Always up for a challenging multiplayer run, but feels more at home with a nice co-op or single player campaign.

Current Sponsors

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